HOW we work?
Getting it right for you!

One brand, one message for the consumer.Our mantra is simple – “one brand, one message for the consumer”.  Forming the basis for our publicity campaigns, this message is the essence of all communication.

The Tynago team, offering a wide range of skills, works to promote this message synergistically with other agencies who may be working with your brand simultaneously.

Key to our campaigns is that our clients gain maximum return on investment, therefore each campaign is set with measurable goals that are constantly assessed.

Tynago’s well-stocked PR toolbox offers many creative mechanisms to build each PR campaign in a unique and different way, tailor-making it for the brand.  Our team offers a wealth of different skills and experience in creating publicity opportunities, events, marketing and networking.

The subtle change in behaviour of a brand’s target market is often key to boosting a brand’s awareness and sales.  We build this concept into our approach by educating and informing the customers.  Where possible, we aim to drive credibility for the brand by engaging the consumer through editorial and other marketing tools.